LO & LO LLP, formerly known as the Law Offices of Michael Y. Lo, has been providing Southern California businesses and individuals with skilled legal services since 1981. As one of the oldest law firms in the area, our firm is passionate about tackling our clients' legal issues by helping them achieve their goals.

Whether it's litigating civil, commercial, business, or real estate matters, preparing corporate/personal bankruptcy filings, initiating or defending motions and/or adversarial proceedings, handling employment and labor disputes, prosecuting medical malpractice and personal injury cases, setting up living trusts, conducting conservatorship or probate matters, drafting and reviewing contracts and agreements, or resolving shareholder or partnership disputes, thousands have turned to our firm over the past four decades for help.

The diversity of our client base reflects the breadth of our practice areas and expertise. Our clients have included individuals of various backgrounds and nationalities, and businesses ranging from small and mid-sized companies to publicly traded companies, spanning the whole spectrum of industries such as e-commerce, real estate/construction, import/export, restaurant, manufacturing, hospitality, technology, financial, travel and transportation services, etc.

We are committed, diligent, and meticulous with each case we handle. We focus on two core principles: achieving the best possible results and client satisfaction..