Before taking on a case, we conduct in-depth fact-gathering to fully understand the client's situation and the legal issues involved. We then provide the client with her legal options, the advantages and risks of each option, and then advise the client of the legal fees involved so that the client is in a position to make an informed decision on how to proceed. Then, we leave it up to the client to choose the best option given her or her business' needs and goals. However, we'll discourage clients from making impulsive or emotional decisions because good results are better achieved after careful planning and consideration. A reasoned approach assisted by our research and experience will allow a more predictable and advantageous outcome for the client.

business litigationInsisting on taking a case to trial when a reasonable settlement is presented is not always the best option. Not only are trials time consuming and expensive, trials are not predictable even if you believe you have a good case. You may find that evidence is not admissible at trial, a friendly witness is not available or credible, your lawyer is not prepared or incompetent, or even after you have won a trial, you may find there are no assets to be levied or wages to be garnished. You will find that sometimes a bad settlement is better than a good trial. However, if it is necessary to bring a case to trial, we have the experience, knowledge, and connections to assemble a strong trial team.

The client's satisfaction is our number one priority. We make every effort to keep the client updated and informed of each step in the process. At LO & LO, we strive to help clients achieve the best possible results.