Business owners in today's marketplace need outside counsel with the ability to help anticipate and address legal issues on every level. From the inception of a business by forming an LLC or a corporation, to employment related issues such as drafting an employment agreement, to litigation arising from wage claims, ADA claims, warranty claims, shareholder claims, and copyright and trademark violation claims, to the winding down phase and dissolution, we have the knowhow and experience to handle them in a strategic and cost effective manner.

We are the business owner's best friend. We provide efficient and accessible advice encountered by business owners. Our thirty plus years of experience representing all types of businesses allow us to offer the best of both worlds: competent advice, with the personalized attention that only a boutique law firm can offer.

In complex litigation, every move counts. From the initial positioning of the facts and issues, to the trial of the case up to appeal, smart moves mean the difference between a positive resolution and a costly judgment. Every step of the process matters, and at every stage of the litigation process, we help clients make the right moves. For business owners, the stakes are high and a lawsuit judgment can mean the difference between life and death of a business.

For businesses facing financial difficulty, we will analyze its financial structure, and discuss various options with the client including: defending a lawsuit, negotiating a settlement, or liquidation/reorganization in a bankruptcy filing.