Personal Injury Claim
If you have suffered injury due to the other party’s negligent in an incident and there is insurance to cover the claim, we will be interested in pursuing the claim on a contingency basis.
The incident could involve a car, a truck, a motorcycle, an airplane, a boat, or other vehicles, or it could involve someone’s action or inaction, or a defective product, or it could involve malpractice by a professional.
Since we are claiming from the other party’s insurance, it is also called third party insurance claim.
The key to a successful prosecution of the claim is in finding whether the other party is at fault; whether the party owes you a legal duty, and the breach of that duty is the proximate cause of your injury.
Damages recoverable include medical costs, wage loss, pain and suffering, and other incidental damages.

First Party Insurance Claim
If your own insurance company denies your claim, whether it is life insurance, property insurance, or medical insurance, etc., and you do not believe the denial is reasonable, let us take a look of your claim.
Since you are making a claim against your own insurance company, this is called first party insurance claim.
To prevail in a first party insurance claim, we need to see if the denial is reasonable. Ask yourself these questions:
Have your insurance company breached the insurance contract?
Do you believe they have not done a thorough and complete investigation of your claim?
Was your insurance acting in bad faith?
If any of the answer to these questions is “yes.” Give us a call.
In addition to the amount of the claim or the face value of the policy, whichever is applicable, you may be entitled to pre-judgement interest, reasonable attorney fees, and punitive damages.

Over the years, we have successfully prosecuted hundreds of insurance claims, many resulting in six-figure settlements.
Our litigation style is aggressive; once we take on a case, we will spend as much time as necessary to get to the truths of the matter. We do not skimp on costs. We do the necessary evidence gathering. We travel the country to conduct discovery. We hires the top experts in the fields to maximize your recovery.
Rest assured our firm will be diligent and zealous in pursuing the claim on your behalf.


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